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Scuba Diving
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Scuba Diving


Prerequisits: valid licence, exept for local DSOWD beginner's course
Conditions at Surf Paradise
Water temp.: aver.May 8C/June 13 C/July 18 C/Aug. 20 C/Sept 18 C/Okt 14 C (valid from sea surface to approx. 20 m deep)
Uw. visibility: normally up to 25 meters
Bottom: crystal sandy / rocky / wrecky



Scuba diving courses, groups of 4 - 8 per.
a) Discover Scuba Open Water Diving, beginner's course (theory, practice, safety, full equipment,
1 open water dive, instructor's services, DSOWD licence)
b) Jet Diving (diving from/with personal watercraft, theory, practice, safety, equipment, jet-ski,
1 open water dive, instructor's services, licence )
c) Wreck Diving (basics for diving on shipwrecks, theory, practice, safety, equipment, 1 open water dive, transportation, instructor's services, licence)

Underwater safaris (depending on qualification)
Fishing safari, Night safari, Wreck safari, Navigation safari, Treasure hunting safari, Deep water safari (max. 40 m)
Equipment rental (with valid licence)
Air fill: < 300 bar
* Special offers for "In Time" * reservations.